So much to learn, so much to do! Being a toddler is such an exciting time for both child and family. Designed with your child’s natural curiosity in mind, our Kids ‘R’ Kids Big Steps Curriculum™ addresses the needs of your toddler:

  • Sign language program
  • Pre-literacy skills
  • Curriculum activities and lessons
  • Small group activities

Each classroom centers its program based on three important components: loving relationships, stimulating environments, and developmentally appropriate practices.

Curriculum_logosThe Toddler Big Steps Curriculum™ continues to build on the big steps taken during infancy. Toddlers experience an environment that invites interaction with play materials and organized play spaces. Qualified teachers provide daily meaningful involvement to support and increase the fast pace at which toddlers grow and develop. The children practice literacy through sign language, books, puppet play, music, singing, games, and much conversation with peers and adults. Their cognitive skills blossom with a multitude of activities designed to unleash their already inquisitive and creative nature. The Toddler Big Steps Curriculum™ playfully and lovingly provides the supporting framework for a toddler’s growth and educational development.